Why IG DMs are better than TikTok creator marketplace

Why IG DMs are better than TikTok creator marketplace

To maximise your chances of finding suitable collaborators, you need to be sending out a high volume of cold DMs, especially if you're just starting out. Aim for at least 100 DMs per day, and consider outsourcing this task if needed. By reaching out to a wide pool of potential partners, you increase the likelihood of finding the most suitable ones for your needs.

Instead of using TikTok creator marketplace to get in contact with influencers, you should use IG DMs. The following will outline why that is.

Clunkier outreach process:

TikTok creator marketplace currently requires you to submit individual proposals to every influencer you reach out to. This massively restricts the efficiency of the outreach process and makes it harder to negotiate prices.

Higher prices:

Influencers on the TikTok creator marketplace are experienced and they know to actively seek out brand collaborations. They charge higher rates based on their understanding of influencer marketing and their market value. Inexperienced influencers, on the other hand, often underestimate their worth and charge lower fees. Therefore, partnering with less experienced influencers who are not actively seeking promotional work can be a cost-effective strategy.

More room for price negotiation on other platforms:

As we just established, knowledge asymmetries among creators mean that those who aren’t going out of their way to seek partnerships with brands (i.e. influencers who aren’t on TikTok creator marketplace) are on average much cheaper and more flexible with fees than those who are. By targeting the first kind of influencer, who is more open to negotiation due to their inexperience, you can acquire the same services offered by the second kind at a discounted price, subsequently boosting the profitability of your campaigns.

Scalability of IG DMs:

IG DMs are a more effective and scalable outreach strategy because IG’s daily message capacity is greater and you can use multiple accounts.