Automate custom searches for bulk influencer contacts

Run real-time searches of TikTok to find the most relevant & current creator contacts at unparalleled scale.

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The world's most up-to-date influencer contact lists.

Use similar profiles, hashtags and sounds to make your own influencer pool for any niche.

Filter & export to CSV including email, other socials, country, language and more.

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Review profiles. Refine your Creator Pool.

Get an real-time overview of each creator's latest content + true engagement stats. including avg views, engagement rates, etc.

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TikTok LIVE video searches in real-time.

Search using live titles to find email contacts, extra livestream info & stats from creators with dedicated audiences.

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TikTok LIVE video search


Who is this for?

SwipeMagic is perfect for e-commerce brands, agencies, creator startups and anyone who is hardcore on scaling the largest influencer or ugc marketing pools for their campaigns or other purposes like TikTok lead generation.

Who is this not for?

If you're not serious about needing extremely large scale creator contacts & data or don't appreciate the value of scale in the numbers game that is influencer marketing, SwipeMagic is not for you. Our top plan is specifically engineered to allow you to create the largest technically possible lists of real-time creator contacts.

How many contacts can I find?

With unlimited searches and unlimited contact exports for all plans, you can refine your searches endlessly and find as many contacts as you want. Tip: Re-run old searches every few months to find fresh up and coming influencers.

Will this work for microinfluencers?

Yes! SwipeMagic is perfect for finding microinfluencers. It's the best way to scale up a list and find some of the most overperforming microinfluencers.

How is your data so accurate?

We search TikTok directly in real-time so our data is always as up to date as TikTok. Our searches take time to compile live data for you, and once complete, update creator's data every few hours to ensure you always have the most up to date posts & information. That's a promise that few can make.

Do you have a trial?

Yes. We offer a trial where you can try out a few shallow searches to get a feel for SwipeMagic. This helps you figure out how searching works, how the results pages can be filtered and finally how the data export CSV spreadsheets are laid out. As the trial only allows shallow searches, these are not indicative of the number of results you can find on when using a paid plan. Start your trial here.

What distinguishes you from other services?

Our proprietary search allows you to find TikTok influencers using visual AI-powered natural language search. We are also the only service that lets you carry out unlimited custom & massive scale data searches and contact exports on current LIVE stream data.

How long do searches take?

We allow shallow searches aimed at getting an idea of the results of a search before doing a deeper search to find lots of contacts. These shallow ones take between a few seconds and a few minutes depending on the number of search terms. Deeper searches can take between 5 minutes to a few hours depending on the number of search terms you input and the search depth on your plan.

Do you provide support?

Absolutely, we'd love to hear any feedback, requests or questions you may have. Contact us.

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