How to create a viral influencer promotion

How to create an influencer promotion which successfully funnels traffic to your website

You need to approach influencer promotions strategically in order to maximise their profitability. This involves setting and executing specific objectives for your videos. Here are four requirements for all profitable influencer promotions:

- The video is fast and entertaining

- The video showcases the product (the product has to be the main focus)

- The video makes it clear where customers can go to get the product

- The video has a viral factor

Is the video fast and entertaining?

To captivate your audience, the video must be an exciting, fast-paced whirlwind. From the get-go, it should grab the viewer's attention and maintain it with a constant stream of striking details – every moment must be crafted to deliver dopamine hits. To keep the viewer from even thinking about scrolling past, you must ensure the video remains gripping by adding new elements every three seconds. This could include a new clip, text overlay, dialogue, or a well-timed sound effect.

Does the video showcase the product?

The product shouldn’t be a secondary part of the video. Instead, the video should put the product front and centre, showing it in action to highlight its functionality. It’s also important to remember to showcase the product in a way that appeals to the specific demographics that are most likely to be interested in it e.g. If you are trying to promote hair straighteners, you’ll want to present the product in a way that women might find interesting.

Does the customer know where to find the product?

It’s all well and good getting millions of views on a promotion, but if it's not obvious to people where they can find your product then you won’t make any sales. This is why you need to get influencers to clearly indicate how to get to your page (without giving away the fact that the video is an ad).

Does your video have a viral factor?

You need to aim for virality. In a previous post we went through the 6 rules of virality. Including at least one of these viral factors will guarantee you amazing results.