How to Run Scaled Influencer Outreach - Full Guide

First, why do we want scaled outreach?

Simply put, the more influencers you outreach to, the more likely you are to find ones that genuinely like your product and want to work with you. This leads to LOWER SPEND on influencers as they are more likely to work for less or in exchange for product & MORE AUTHENTIC content produced for you. Authentic content is a treasure that you should buy usage rights to use in paid ads to supplement your influencer campaign.

1. Budget approach (you have time but no money) :

✅ cheaper than automated options

❌ takes a lot more time

❌ harder to scale

You're going to be searching through hashtags in your niche and sending DMs to creators on this hashtag, so first set up some accounts to do the DMs...

IG limits DMs so make multiple accounts for IG outreach to creators, call them something like '@brandNameCollabs1', '@brandNameCollabs2' etc. and make sure to follow them with your main brand account so creators know it’s legit. Also mention this in the bio “Real collab accounts are followed by '@brandAccount' ”. The more of these you make, the more outreach messages you can send each day to scale faster.

Here's an example account that SavageXFenty use:

SavageXFenty Brand Partnership Screenshot

Follow the outreach account with your main account for brand authority: SavageXFenty Brand Partnership Account Followed By Main Account

To save hours in messaging, on each account set up quick replies:

IG Settings -> Business -> Save reply -> Set replies

Also write out a short general message that you can copy and paste into each creator’s DMs. This will save you time writing a personal message to each. Something like:

if paid collab: “Hey, gifted collab opportunity for you with {brand name}, interested?”

While scrolling through a hashtag page, don’t be picky, instead be fast and loose and fire out as many DMs to all creators that fit these criteria:

  • Creator is in your niche
  • The video is decent
  • Has a following

That’s it. Nothing more. Remember only some of these will reply so it’s essential to cast a wide net.

Scroll... In Niche? ✅ Good Vid? ✅ DM. Repeat. 🔁

GRWM IG Screenshot

Once the videos on the hashtag become unacceptable quality. Go through another hashtag in your niche and repeat the process.

2. Automated & Scaled approach (you have money but no time) :

✅ saves lots of time

✅ larger scale far more easily

❗ costs more upfront

Buy mailboxes for emailing creators. Your brand may already have some set up for other purposes like email marketing. We would recommend using a separate email for influencer outreach.

Use SwipeMagic to automatically find any available emails for creators on any hashtag or sound. Or even by similar accounts. Get on with other stuff while your search runs, once done, click the Download button to instantly get a CSV spreadsheet of all these emails, no export limits, unlimited searches.

Downloading Search on SwipeMagic

If you want to review the influencers' content to only contact those that best fit your brand, click the swipe mode button to flick through the influencers cards and only keep those that are a fit. This is much faster than scrolling through social media.

Swipe Mode on SwipeMagic

Import your CSV of influencers to mail merge or an email software like, mail meteor, lemlist etc.

Write a template message that will be sent to all these creators, use email variables to easily personalise all the outreach messages. The template should be something like:


I’m {your name}, the {your role} at {brand name}. Got a paid collab opportunity for @{creator username}.

Interested? Drop me a message”

Make sure to include your credentials to sign off the end of the email to show legitimacy.

Change this template to whatever you like but a good standard is

  1. Explain who you & your brand are + why you’re emailing
  2. CTA to either reply, send their address if you’re seeding, or reply with their standard pricing etc

If applicable, adjust settings for your campaign and then you can sit back while your emails automatically send, just wait for replies while you get on with other things.

This method is infinitely scaleable and saves countless hours of making collab accounts, scrolling through hashtags, and copy & pasting DMs to creators. Even if you had a VA doing all that for you before, it now empowers them to reach out to 10x-100x more influencers daily, while ALSO freeing up time for them to complete other tasks for you.

Remember the larger scale your outreach is, the higher the likelihood of finding ideal creators that resonate with your product and will make content for lower prices or for free.