How to Find Up-and-Coming TikTok Creators

Identifying emerging talent on TikTok can boost your influencer marketing strategy by partnering with creators who are in the process of growing their audience and influence. Fresh TikTok creators are often more engaged with their audience and open to collaborations. Here’s how you can spot and connect with these rising stars.

Look for Viral Content

Fresh TikTok creators often rise to visibility through viral content. Look for:

  • TikTok's “For You” page for trending videos.
  • Videos with disproportionately high engagement relative to follower counts.
  • You can do this on SwipeMagic by filtering for creators with average views higher than your follower count filter

Use Hashtag Searches

Search hashtags relevant to your brand or industry to uncover creators who are gaining traction within your niche but might not yet be widely known.

  • Check out hashtags related to challenges, as up-and-coming creators often participate in these trends. Hashtags like #under10k #under5k also can have some gems.

Analyze Engagement Rates

Look for creators with high engagement rates, which can be indicative of a dedicated and active audience.

  • Favour creators with high comment-to-view ratios, as this signals a highly interactive audience.

SwipeMagic: Find Influencers at Scale

SwipeMagic is designed to find influencer's contacts at scale:

  • Search through TikTok using hashtags, sound URLs, or location tags.
  • Get a list of creators with data like average views, recent engagement metrics, and follower counts.

Follow TikTok's Discovery Features

Utilize TikTok's built-in exploration tools, including:

  • The Discover tab.
  • Trending sounds and effects which creators may use for their breakout content.

Utilize Competitor Analysis

Monitoring competitors and industry leaders can unveil creators who are starting to get noticed.

  • Observe who competitors are engaging with or who might be producing similar content within your industry.

Engage with TikTok Communities

Participate in TikTok communities by:

  • Engaging in comment sections.
  • Watching lives.

Scout for Content Resonance

Focus on creators whose content evokes emotion or action, as these creators have a knack for generating viral content.

  • Look for storytelling abilities or unique perspectives that resonate with audiences.

Set Notifications for Creators

When you find promising creators:

  • Turn on post notifications to stay updated with their latest content.
  • This helps you to observe the progression and consistency of their content output and audience engagement.

Monitor Talent Agencies and Talent Shows

Some agencies and TikTok itself highlight rising creators:

  • Follow agencies that specialize in TikTok talent.
  • Watch TikTok’s live events or contests, which often showcase emerging creators.


Finding fresh, up-and-coming TikTok creators requires a combination of active exploration and leveraging the right tools. SwipeMagic can be an essential asset in your search, providing data that informs your choices. Remember, the key to finding hidden gems on TikTok is to not just search but observe—engage with the platform, watch trends, interact within communities, and keep an eye on who is making waves with exciting, innovative content.