Finding New Influencers for Your Agency: Strategies and Tools

For influencer marketing agencies, discovering fresh talent is a cornerstone of delivering dynamic campaigns to clients. Identifying new influencers provides not just variety but also access to niche audiences and innovative content styles. Let's delve into strategies and tools that can help your agency find and onboard emerging influencers.

Leverage Data-Driven Tools

In the age of instant information, tools like SwipeMagic are indispensable. They allow you to search for influencers based on specific parameters such as hashtags, sound URLs, TikTok livestreams, or even locations. Even more importantly they help with searching at scale unmatched by VAs or employees, and targeting options which allow people to sift through relevant creators much more easily.

Monitor Trending Content

Keeping a pulse on trending topics and content can surface new influencers gaining traction.

  • Regularly browse through various platforms' "Explore" or "Trending" pages.
  • Use tools to catch rising stars discussing hot topics in your clients' industries.

Search Through Hashtags and Keywords

Hashtags and keywords are vital for uncovering influencers in your niche or client’s industry.

  • Use advanced search features on social media or tools like SwipeMagic to filter influencers through keywords most relevant to the campaigns you manage.

Utilize AI-Driven Discovery

Artificial intelligence and natural language processing can help you find influencers who might not be on your radar yet but are creating waves in their communities.

  • SwipeMagic's AI feature allows searching in natural language, making it easier to find influencers aligned with your client's brand message or campaign themes.

Scout on Emerging Platforms

While YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok might be the mainstays, don't overlook emerging platforms where new influencers are often unattached and more approachable.

  • Stay updated on social media industry news to catch wind of up-and-coming platforms.

Consider Micro-Influencers and Niche Creators

Micro-influencers typically have highly engaged audiences and may be more inclined to establish partnerships with agencies for growth opportunities.

  • Identify micro-influencers via their niche content and strong community interactions.

Analyze Competitor Collaborations

Observing the industry landscape, including your competitors, can offer insights into influencers who are open to agency partnerships.

  • Analyze the influencers your competitors are using and consider whether they might also be a fit for your clients.

Look Beyond Social Media

Influencers can also come from blogging platforms, podcasts, or industry forums. These platforms might host influencers with a dedicated following, looking to expand their reach through social platforms.

  • Explore beyond traditional social media to find unique influencers with a specialized audience.

Engage and Build Relationships

Instead of cold outreach, engage with potential influencer content, and begin building a relationship before proposing a partnership.

  • This warm approach is likely to create a stronger foundation for long-term collaborations.


Finding new influencers is about being proactive, tapping into the latest tools and trends, and maintaining the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. Utilizing data and AI-driven tools like SwipeMagic, along with networking and community engagement, can help your agency stay ahead of the curve and continuously discover emerging influencer talent.