Building an Influencer Contact List

In the dynamic world of influencer marketing, establishing genuine connections with the right influencers can make all the difference for your brand's success. Building a robust influencer contact list is a critical step in orchestrating campaigns that resonate with your target audience. Let's dive into the fundamental strategies to create an influencer contact list that boosts your brand's reach and enhances your marketing efforts.

Understanding the Importance of a Targeted Influencer List

Crafting an influencer list isn't just about amassing a large number of contacts. It's about curating a list of individuals whose brand alignment and creative output match your marketing objectives. This precision allows for more personal, effective, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Identifying Ideal Influencer Profiles

Start by defining the characteristics of influencers who would represent your brand authentically. Consider factors such as niche, audience size, engagement rate, content quality, and values. This clarity in your search criteria helps streamline the process of finding influencers who can truly amplify your brand’s message.

Leveraging Technology for Scalability

In the past, finding the right influencers often meant hours of manual research or using outdated databases, resulting in a slow and inefficient process. However, with advances in technology, tools like SwipeMagic are changing the game for brands and agencies. SwipeMagic offers a solution that streamlines finding fresh influencers at scale, targeting those who are active and eager to collaborate.

How SwipeMagic Evolves Influencer Discovery

Here's how SwipeMagic can revolutionize your influencer contact list building:

  1. Deep Search Capabilities: SwipeMagic uses deep search through hashtags, TikTok sound URLs, live streams, or even natural language and location tags to gather a vast pool of potential influencer contacts efficiently.

  2. Thorough Filtering: Once you have a comprehensive list, you can filter by average views, follower counts, country, language, and whether the influencers have public email addresses, ensuring you connect with the most relevant creators.

  3. Content Fit Evaluation: With SwipeMagic's interface, you can quickly swipe through creator cards, accepting those whose content fits your brand and deleting those that don’t, optimizing for both scale and targeting in the process.

  4. Save Time and Money: Rather than spending on multiple VAs, SwipeMagic operates on a subscription model, offering an economical alternative to manual searches and other expensive "book a call" or "request pricing" platforms.

  5. Up-to-Date Contacts: SwipeMagic focuses on active creators and personal emails, ensuring that any influencer you reach out to is currently engaged in producing content and likely to be responsive to collaboration opportunities.

Steps to Build and Utilize Your Influencer Contact List

  • Research and Collect: Begin with a thorough search using SwipeMagic's deep search features to gather a large pool of potential influencers across multiple platforms.

  • Filter and Match: Apply the relevant filters to narrow down your list to influencers that best match your brand's profile.

  • Evaluate Content Fit: Review the content of potential influencers to ensure they align with your brand’s aesthetic and messaging.

  • Reach Out: Use the contact information provided by SwipeMagic to initiate personalized, well-crafted outreach emails. Remember that SwipeMagic helps you find the contacts, but you'll need to use a separate email outreach tool (for now), uploading the CSV from SwipeMagic, to communicate with influencers.

  • Build Relationships: Don't stop at the initial contact. Build a relationship with your selected influencers through regular communication and collaborative efforts.

  • Track and Optimize: Keep track of your interactions and campaign outcomes to optimize your influencer marketing strategy over time.


A tailored influencer contact list is foundational for successful influencer marketing. By utilizing SwipeMagic, you can discover new, active influencers who are likely to deliver authentic content and connect with their audiences in a meaningful way. By streamlining the influencer discovery process and focusing on quality matches, SwipeMagic empowers brands to scale their marketing efforts without compromising on brand-fit or quality connections.

Engagement with influencers can be transformative for a brand – start building your optimized influencer contact lists today with SwipeMagic and watch your influencer marketing soar.